Blending Sounds

Day 31 –  Blending sounds

Today’s focus is the opposite of yesterday’s.

Today we are talking about BLENDING sounds.

This is the act of hearing spoken sounds and forming words with them.

Again, there are lots of games you can play to impress this upon your student, and these are things you can do even while driving or waiting in an office for an appointment.

One way to teach the blending of sounds is to pretend you are robots… You speak stiffly and disjointedly to the reader, and ask them to “interpret” what you are saying.  You can even speak in complete sentences.  Just make sure to talk “like a robot” and create natural breaks between sounds. You student then has to interpret what you are saying – for example, after introducing yourself (as the robot), you could say, “I like yellow cars, do you?” (which would be I-like-ye-llow-cars, do you?) and so on. You can ask the student to pick up a toy, describing it, and the child’s responses show that they understand what you are talking about. And gets them on the way to more complex sound structures!

If you are interested in learning more activities like this or others I have written about, feel free to email me, or try searching some of the keywords that I’m writing about.

You really CAN make a difference in your child’s development!

Thanks for your patience in playing along with the 31 Days of Reading series! Stop over occasionally and say hello!


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