Time Away


My original online friends of MyEvidentFaith.com may have moved on by now, I am sure, because just a few months after my mom died I decided to take a break from writing and playing online. I didn’t post it here when she died, but I had a lot of things going on that even affected my ability to grieve. That was back in 2013. Unfortunately, this also meant that I let my domain expire, so that is why you see me now at myevidentfaith.wordpress.com.

However, if you are reading this, I’m so glad you are here! I have still been working at my faith journey, as well as pushing through the daily joys and struggles of just being a PERSON in this crazy world!

I have had it on my heart for several years to reach out to women, and encourage their faith and help them manage their daily life struggles. I prayed about starting a woman’s group at our church, and we did, but we are still working away at community outreach, including a woman’s activity group.  As everyone knows, it is surely a challenge to find time in our busy society for activities that take us away from the home and our families. However, we all need to make connections, so even though this seems to be harder to do, we need to try by all means that we have available!

I am posting this short hello because IRL I am following along with More 2 Be’s mentoring class that started on the 6th.  Of course, I haven’t been home for the past few days (what with my birthday and all, WOOT WOOT) so I haven’t gotten to sit at the computer to immerse myself in my new adventure and make new friends. I am currently writing this post during my lunch break at work and I look forward to this evening when I can sit down and leisurely enjoy some private time online and work at my More 2 Be activities…

Until next time, Peace.

More to Be


2 Comments on “Time Away”

  1. Anita Hunt says:

    Hi Lori, lovely to see you back writing 🙂 hope you enjoy taking part in the More to Be mentoring class. God bless

    • Lori says:

      Hi Anita! Thank you for the greeting! I started the wonderful More to Be but after a few weeks was interrupted. Terrific forum to share and learn, even though I didn’t finish. I do have the book and workbook though, which I did on my own last year. Sad not to finish with the group but I feel like I’m on a whirling merry go round and life is moving too fast! Always love your posts.

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