31 Days of Reading

Welcome to the series! This is a huge commitment for me, though lots of fun, so I hope you will check in once and a while and enjoy the series.  And read.  Of course, always read!

* * * * *

Day 1  Why Read? (benefits of reading)
Day 2  Audiobooks (books on tape)
Day 3  Stop Yelling at me! (lower case letters)
Day 4  Stop Putting Salt on the Cat (salt tables/tactile learning)
Day 5  Fabulous Friday Book Review 10/5
Day 6  Doctor Who says Books are Weapons!
Day 7  Popcorn Reading (Reluctant Readers)
Day 8  Dinner Party Conversation – Juvenile Lit
Day 9  Fine Motor Skills
Day 10  Sight Word Activity
Day 11  Soul Searching? Read the Bible
Day 12  Short Story Collections
Day 13  Your Brain is like a sponge!
Day 14  Virtual Transportation
Day 15  Printables and Resources (jumping off point…)
Day 16  The Psychology of Reading
Day 17  Bookstore Love…
Day 18  Learning on the Web
Day 19  Fab Friday Reviews: Culinary Mysteries
Day 20  Literacy and the Imagination
Day 21  
Day 22  
Day 23  
Day 24  
Day 25  
Day 26  
Day 27  
Day 28  
Day 29  
Day 30  
Day 31  

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